NYC, We’re Here!

Have you heard?! This past July, we opened a pop-up shop in downtown Manhattan at 30 Gansevoort Street! For the first few Saturdays, we’ve had the treats and DJ tunes going, and, of course, we’ve finally gotten to meet so many of you guys. (And you’ve gotten to try on our stuff in real life!) We’re psyched!

We’ll be in the neighborhood for the next couple of months, so come visit if you haven’t already (and definitely take a selfie while you’re trying things on and tag it #katespadesaturdaypopup on Instagram or Twitter—you’ll get 15% off!). For our friends who don’t live near NYC, we have some nice photos for you below. (Keep an eye on our Store Locator page, too—we’re opening a few more stores soon, and they just might be near you.)

Left: First party! Del’s brought the summer snacks, DJ Leslie Kirchhoff brought the summer jams. Right: Neon yellow New This Week! arrow. YES.

Left: Never too much yellow. Never! Right: Square Tote, meet tiny bike.

Blog_Popup_4Left: Store music curated by Eat Records at Artists & Fleas! Right: Love that shady painting Boston-based artist, Helena Wurzel, made for us.